Gabriella Revestimentos Cerâmicos





In tune with nature, Gabriella’s products are made for consumers who want to combine quality, beauty, and practicality, always following the latest trends of fashion, architecture, and technology. All in constant concern with the well-being of people and with the prevention of the environment.

Gabriella has an Integrated Management System (SGI) in place. The Integrated Management System concentrates the processes of quality, environmental management, and social responsibility.

The company’s environmental management establishes a set of actions so that the activities carried out are in line with the applicable environmental legislation.

Solid Waste Management Program: ensure, through the selective collection system, the selection, storage and proper disposal of generated waste. Much of this waste is reused in the company’s own production process. The others are destined for recycling or deposited in licensed industrial landfills.

Liquid Industrial Effluent Management Program: all liquid effluents generated in the process are treated, with a percentage being reused in the company’s production process and the remainder discarded into the limits defined in environmental legislation.

Atmospheric Emissions Management Program: dust collection equipment is used, which guarantees the retention of particulate material. The company’s atmospheric emissions are monitored, as determined by its environmental operating license.

Natural Resources Consumption Management Program: With the objective of reducing the consumption of natural resources such as water, electricity and fuel, the company develops actions for the conscious consumption of these resources.