Gabriella Revestimentos Cerâmicos

About Us


About Us

We are a leading industry in the production of ceramic and porcelain tiles in small formats. We use in our production the traditional wet and spray-dryer process, to make our white MONOPOROSA body and PORCELAIN, process that give the products the highest level in quality, beauty and refined technical standards.

Product development is always within the most demanding market trends, with our products exhibited at national and international shows.

The other area in which we operate, the production of refractories, bricks, plates, and other articles for heat support, is wide and varied, where we produce refractory pieces for the most demanding industrial and domestic segments, with silica-aluminous refractory compound or pieces with high alumina content. In this segment we also produce mortar and refractory concrete for different applications.

Gabriella’s institutional objectives are a strong policy for the preservation of the environment, and sustainability. The industrial plant is in Criciúma, estate of Santa Catarina, Brazil